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thoroughly describe each of the TLC videos you chose—what were they about, who was in them, and what happened?
When watching the video about Balloon fetishes it starred a man, Chris, who enjoyed balloons so much that they became his only way to receive pleasure and orgasms. He loved blowing the balloons up as big as he could while also necking the balloons. Once the balloon was popped he who receive this intense and overwhelming pleasure when the balloon pops. However, with this being a weird hobby already, he was able to find a small community who share the same balloon fetish that he does. The other video I watched was about this guy named Matt who has a macrophilia which is men fascinating about giant women. He gets so aroused off of
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It is related through BDSM as Matt enjoyed being overpowered by women it is very similar to the dominance and submissive relationship as it relates to the “Trying To Understand Consent? Ask The LGBTQ And Kink Communities” article. Strong communication is important to kink as it is to any sexual related activity but for Chris’s case the communication level is only with himself. Also an overall message that relates to the two videos is that hurt versus harm is an important as it is shown in the “Kink 101: understanding the kink community” article. With the giantesses it is important that we are not harming others or in Chris’s case harming ourselves.
5. Reflect here with your own personal thoughts about each video. This can include why you chose the videos, if anything was new to you, how you felt watching it, etc. The Balloon fetish was interesting to watch as was the other video, but watching it almost ruins my childhood as Balloons were always so excited to have and to play with but knowing someone else enjoys them more as a fetish is a little unsettling for me. Matt’s Giantess videos were interesting and making me think does everyone liked to be control or overpowered similar the dominance and submissive relationship. I think we all fall under neath the BDSM somewhere and the dominance and submissive relationship might be the easiest for people or it could be as easy as tying someone up but everyone should fall underneath the term. As it relates to Matt’s case it was interested to hear more as I kept watching because it is not one we normally hear people

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