Kinkajou Essay

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The Marvel characters are well known. People know them for being superhero's and saving the world. While most of them have some self control, but there is one that has a bit of a temper. This character's name is the Hulk. the Hulk is a giant green monster that is actually just a human. When the human gets made that's when he turns into the hulk and becomes the giant green monster people love. The kinkajou has multiple similarities to the hero, the kinkajou gets agitated easily and can become very hostile and start destroying everything. The Kinkajou does not grow and become green but this little monkey does go crazy and is not easy to calm down. The Kinkajou is a tiny monkey, that can turn into mini hulk, and needs to live somewhere else.
The kinkajou is a tiny monkey that is about 16-30 inches long. They weigh 7-10 pounds. They live in the Tropical Rain Forest in southern Mexico through Brazil. It’s lifespan is up to 20 years on an average. The Kinkajou are nocturnal animals which means they are awake during the night and sleep during the day. The name Kinkajou comes from a word that means honey bear. The Kinkajous can turn
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The solution is that you have to put them into a quarantine zone to make them not go crazy. Wrong, the solution is not to just leave them alone and let them go crazy of being alone, but to put them on a island. The island would be called ‘Kinkajou island.” The environment of the island would be a tropical rain forest just like where the kinkajous are from. The people that would want a pet kinkajou would have to live on this island as well. They also have to be very patient and not loud. This would solve the problem because it would allow the kinkajous to feel at home and not in captivity. The people that will fund for this island is the Brazilian Government. They want to help the kinkajou’s This will also allow for the kinkajous to live longer. This is how the problem will be
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