Kinkaku 2 Research Paper

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Kinkaku-ji is one of the most recognized and most fascinating places in Kyoto, Japan. Kinkaku-ji sits on top of Kyoto’s northern hilltops. Famously known as “Temple of the Golden Pavilion”, Kinkaku-ji’s official name is actually Rokuon-ji. Kinkaku-ji originated from the villa occupied by Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu after his retirement. He carefully built Kitayamaden, making it a beautiful and peaceful place to spend his retirement. In 1408, Yoshimitsu died leaving a will behind and special instructions for the future of the complex he had built. His final wish was for Kitayamaden to become a Zen temple. His son followed his instructions and Kinkaku-ji was created. The temple is commonly known as “Temple of the Golden Pavilion” because of the pavilion’s striking top floors. Kinkaku-ji is made up of three floors. All of them structured differently. The building is called the Golden Pavilion because the two top stories are covered in golf leaf. The gold is not the only imposing detail. In front of the temple there is an impressive large pond that reflects Kinkaku-ji. Due to the…show more content…
The many islands in the ponds have different shapes from different viewpoints. The water and the view from many angles encouraged meditation. In addition, the whole garden has stones and rocks of peculiar shapes. Some are in the shape of tortoise which symbolizes longevity and crane which symbolizes messenger of the gods. A stone under a waterfall called Carp Stone portrays a carp swimming up the stream. This stone is meant to symbolize fighting in times of trouble. Kinkaku-ji is fascinating to me because everything about it has meaning, from the pond to the rocks to the pavilion. The place also has a rich history of survival. After so many reconstructions, Kinkaku-ji itself represents overcoming
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