Kino's Corruption

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In the novel The Pearl by John Steinbeck the protagonist throughout the book is Kino. Kino throughout the book changed a lot with things like his attitude, mindset, etc. Kino went from being a very happy, family man to a greedy, inconsiderate family man. Kino's overall mindset and attitude change came from the outside influences such as the pearl and the townspeople. Kino became a corrupted character in the book because of the many different situations he had to deal with. In the book the protagonist Kino changes in a negative way because he was corrupted by many outside influences.
Kino throughout the beginning of the book was a very happy man who loved his family and friends. Kino went from being a very involved and loving person to being hostile and greedy person which wasn't regular for the
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Kino was a very positive influence on the book but also a very negative one as well. The way Kino could be described is corrupted. Kino became corrupted after he found the pearl which made him act in ways he never acted before. The corruption of Kino also stemmed from the corruption of the townspeople. The underlying problem throughout the book just as it can be in real life situations is that people are afraid to let others advance ahead of them just as in the novel. Kino was the most important character in the book which made his changes most significant to the overall outlook of the book. Kino's personality change was similar to that of many people in real life also because once someone feels like they have a chance to advance in life they take it and run with it. Although Kino's attitude and personality changed throughout the book significantly he still loved his family and tried to advance in life his approach on how to do it had just changed.The whole overall novel shows how outside influences affected Kino and his attitude and also his town and
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