Kino's Pearl

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Why would anyone throw away something valuable? Kino was planning on selling his pearl for fifty thousand pesos. When kino first found the pearl, he started dreaming about what he would do with it, something that no one has returned from. With risking his safety, family, and the pearl. We will see some examples of when he needed to make a choice that would change his life forever. When kino had to pay the doctor, the doctor wanted the pearl. But, in chapter three, Kino said, “When I have sold my pearl I will pay you.” The doctor seemed surprised although he already knew about the pearl. Because Kino decided to sell it first, he missed out on the chance of getting rid of it. Although he didn’t know it would lead him to bad luck.…show more content…
When the pearl buyers try and rip Kino off, kino says no because he wants to make even more profit. In chapter four, things weren't going as they planned so, the pearl buyers said, “I might go for fifteen hundred.” Because Kino thought he could sell it at a higher price, he decided to try and go to the capitol. Kino lost the chance to sell his pearl. Although the pearl buyers were ripping him off, fifteen hundred pesos was a lot of money. Kino knew no one had ever returned from the capitol. Even with this knowledge, Kino decides to not sell the pearl. This means he must go to the capitol if he wants to sell it. This is a huge risk that he is willing to…show more content…
It was changing Kino for the worse. In chapter six, Kino threw the pearl away. When it reached the water, “It dropped toward the bottom. The waving branches of the algae called to it and beckoned to it. The lights on its surface were green and lovely. It settled down to the sand bottom among the fern-like plants. Above, the surface of the water was a green mirror. And the pearl lay on the floor of the sea. A crab scampering over the bottom raised a little cloud of sand, and when it settled the pearl was gone.” This was a huge decision for Kino because it ended all his problems linked to the
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