Kinsey Review

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In the movie, Kinsey, it was obvious that society had a lack of knowledge about sex and about people’s sexual activities. Alfred Kinsey changed the way that people thought about sex. He did an important and monumental thing informing people and answering people’s questions about sex. At one point in the movie it showed Kinsey reading a script from the bible where boys were supposed to control their nocturnal emissions, a natural and uncontrollable act of puberty, or they would be looked down upon by God. A quote from the movie “it is the lord’s work to help youth fight and resist temptation.” I agree with the movie in that the more a behavior is prohibited the more strongly it becomes desired. (add more here) Moral beliefs are still…show more content…
I don’t believe that there is a right or wrong way to deal with sexuality, but I feel it is important to educate youth about sex so that they can make a decision for themselves. I feel the parents are the most important people to do this difficult job. If children feel comfortable discussing these topics with their parents then they are more likely to make appropriate and responsible decisions through this very challenging time in their
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