Kinsey's Report

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One of the interesting outcome that has been revealed with the studies of sexuality might be the behavior of masturbation. According to Alfred Kinsey in the 1950s, a sex researcher who studied about sexual behavior in human, concluded three main points about masturbation as; it is harmless, it is not a substitute for intercourse, and it acts as important role in women’s sexuality because its practice helps women to achieve orgasm during intercourse. However, recent research shows some incompatible outcomes of masturbation unlike Kinsey’s report. In the article, Immature psychological defense mechanisms are associated with women’s greater desire for and actual engaging in masturbation by Stuart Brody and Susan Nicholson reports that women who…show more content…
In the related study also describes depressed women not only masturbate more than non-depressed women but, they have more desire to masturbate; this tendency might put in a great risk of female sexual functional disorder. Masturbation frequency also relates with quality of women’ lives such as dissatisfaction one’s sex life, mental health, or negative attitudes toward penile-vaginal intercourse. According to American Psychiatric Association, defense mechanisms are “automatic psychological processes that protect the individual against anxiety and from the awareness of internal or external danger” and the scale measures from immature through neurotic to mature (Brody & Nicholson, 2013). The common facts about immature defense mechanisms are they can be more found in ordinary young children, and the immature mechanism includes denial, projection, dissociation, autistic fantasy, and isolation of affect. As many manifestations from the depressed women who more prefers masturbation have common with a person with immature psychological defense mechanism such as lacking in intimate relationship quality, the aims of this study focus on the relationship between masturbation and immature psychological defense mechanism. The hypothesis of the research is that immature…show more content…
A female researcher randomly asked women in university (college students and employment) in the West of Scotland if they wished to participate the survey about human sexual behavior. The differences of sexual behavior were measured by reporting participants’ past 30-day sexual activities such as; days engaged in PVI, days engaged in partnered sex excluding PVI the same day, and days engaged in masturbation. Each participant might have had different relationship status, which can affect the result, so the questionnaire also included participants’ desire of sexual activities in past 30-days. The age and immature defense score was measured as well. The study was considered the possible effects of age and social desirability response bias. As Brody and Nicholson stated, the social desirability response bias is the tendency to respond to questions in a manner that the respondent assumes will put them in a favorable light (Brody & Nicholson, 2013). To avoid the possible effects from those factors, the social desirability and the defense mechanisms were measured as well. The multiple regression analysis was tested by using Statistical package for the social sciences (SPSS) for Windows version 13.0 (SPSS Inc., Chicago, IL,
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