Kinship Is Used For Cross Cultural Comparison

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Marshall Sahlins also effectively shows that there is a disadvantage among kinship being used for cross-cultural comparison because interdependency tends to be found among many different groups regardless of their kinship models. Therefore because kinship exists in all cultures, and all cultures have interdependency in order for the relationships to function, it makes it easier to compare various cultures. It is also evident in another text called “Witch Beliefs and Social Structure” by Monica Wilson that those we consider kin do not automatically have affection for us therefore a strong bond may not always be present. Wilson greatly expresses that in the Nyakysua and the Pondo tribes, witchcraft is usually practiced and aimed towards those who are in the same village. It is especially more likely to happen if these individuals are always talking about their good fortunes to their families, they are likely to become a target of witchcraft. Sometimes these people are related by blood, but even though they might be, this example puts forth that even though kinship is found among these cultures, it does not mean that these people share a relationship with each other and not individuals themselves value kinship in the same way, therefore it is disadvantageous to use kinship when comparing cultures.
It seems that in order for people to have a kinship bond with each other they have to be somewhat similar in one way or another but do not have to be blood related. Radcliffe-Brown
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