Kinship and Marriage Essay

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Kinship and Marriage

The definition of marriage ranges cross culturally, and in our culture it means the union of a man and wife, but that is also changing with time. Marriage serves a lot of purposes for the individuals who are getting married, and for their families. Being Sikh, and more specifically Punjabi, marriage plays a very big role in our society, and it is very different from the marriage portrayed in Yano and Dobe societies. These three societies may be very different from each other, but they all have religion in their societies, and I think they may have more in common regarding marriage, although they may seem very different. Marriage may be portrayed very differently in different societies, but the more you compare
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My maternal Grandma was not married at an very young age, due to the laws set by society which did not allow females to be married under the age of 18, but was married at the age of 18, while my Grandpa was 25. Like the Dobe females who were married to a husband that were 7-15 years older, my aunt is 14 years younger than my uncle, she is 26 years old, while my uncle is 40. They got married in 2006, and their marriage was arranged by my parents in 2005 when we first visited, the modern arranged marriage are very different from how it was practiced 20 years earlier.

In the past arranged marriages were decided by the parents, or by the relatives, friends of the parents. The bride and groom would not see each other or know each other until the day of the wedding, but today, it is acceptable for the two individuals who are getting married to have a say. My uncle and aunt both went along with their families to meet each other and their families, this would have been very socially unacceptable 20 years ago. Today, marriages are still decided by relatives or friends of the parents, but the thing that has changed is that the individuals who are getting married, have a choice. As time passes by, and more new
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