Kipnis What Is Love?

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What is Love? Does anyone really know the meaning of the word? Does it have a different meaning to different people? In Kipnis’s essay “Love Labors”, Laura Kipnis touches on many different aspects of love. This is a touchy subject simply because love brings out many different opinions and beliefs. Kipnis argues over the fact that in order to have a good relationship and love someone people have to be able to meet certain requirements, which are mutuality, communication, and advanced intimacy.
Love is a complicated topic, in my opinion there are two types of love. The first type is when people can tell their friends or their family members that they love them. This type of love is the kind of love where everybody knows their supper close
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With that being said one of the two people participating in this act is going to end up getting hurt. In the movie No Strings attached Adams falls in love with Emma when she breaks his heart by telling him she can’t do this anymore. Both characters had a different part in the movie, No Strings Attached. In Kipnis’s essay Love Labors she talks about, “how domestic life has become such a chore that staying at the office is more relaxing”. (Kipnis 395) Natalie Portman’s character is the uptight person in their so-called relationship she is more worried about her work than she is worried about having a relationship. She finds her work more relaxing than actually having to put work in to something else. She is also in control over their whole friends with benefits relationship. On the other hand Ashton Kutchers character plays the role of being more easy-going and the ladies man. Most times when adultery comes up we think that its no big deal that were just messing around or that were just playing around with one another, when in all reality adultery is a lot more serious than we really think it is. In todays society we call it friends with benefits, in the movie no strings attached they plan to be friends with benefits not thinking their going to catch feelings for one another due to the fact that we think were just playing around with one another even though we don’t realized the fact that some point the relationship
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