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I went to KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate(KALC), a charter school in Lynn, Massachusetts. My school was new, in terms of the building we were in and when the school was established. My high school experience was unusual, so to describe it I have to include my experience with teachers, classmates, and extracurricular school activities. The best teacher and principal that I’ve ever had Josh Zoia founded KIPP Academy Lynn in 2004. He was part of the KIPP network for many years, which was founded by 2 motivated teachers, Mike Feinberg and Dave Levin, who in 1994 opened their doors with a mere class size of 47 fifth grade students( Feinberg, Levin, and Zoia had a dream of bringing the best free and public education to underserved communities.…show more content…
I started the first ever day of silence in my school, and I hope that this year since I won’t be there that they will do it again. This was the first time anyone in school tried to do something other than sports or musical presentations. I was also involved in our “rock band (though we didn’t really preformed rock songs).” I was the lead singer of the band, my teacher was the guitarist, and one of my classmates was the drummer, and another the bassist. We preformed at our pep rallies, graduation, talent show, and spring showcase. It was a really fun experience, but I think that the people that I did it with were what made the experience so great.

In total I would say that I liked my high school experience, though I think that I would change a couple of things that I went through, just to make the memory of high school not that dreadful. I think that my writing is very fluid, and I think that I write how I would want to read someone else’s paper. I don’t think I would want to change my style of writing just because my teacher things it’s no good, but something I would like to add to my writing is using more intricate words and being more concise with my
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