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Kirandeep was born in March 2004. He enjoys writing, watching movies, and spending time with his family and friends. Kirandeep is inspired by Rumi’s quote, “What you seek is seeking you,” because it makes him feel massively motivated and fearless. The night train from Toronto to Montréal was one memory I was never going to forget. You see this in movies and hear about it from friends, but it never happens to you; however, a young, pretty girl walked in the empty compartment I was sitting in. She walked in five minutes after the train had left the station. "Is this seat 47E?" she asked. She didn't let me speak. She then said, "Actually, it is my seat." She sat down opposite from me. She was young, perhaps in her early to mid twenties. She was…show more content…
His parents had died when he was twelve and left everything to Thomas. He had stayed on the farm and managed to cultivate a small part of the land, keeping him alive through the harsh Canadian winters. After a fortnight, the Acadians were dropped off at the Bay of Fundy, where they would be loaded onto boats and shipped off, like animals, to New Orleans. It was the second day at sea, and they had been stuck in a big storm. It had struck on the first five kilometres out to sea. Thomas was standing by the railing of the ship, letting the spray hit his face. He looked up at the starry skies, and his heart skipped a beat. Was he imagining it or not? The stars were moving and forming shapes. No, they where forming words: “Destruction will hit tonight at midnight. Beware, Thomas!” Thomas blinked, and the words disappeared. He ran down to the chocked-full sleeping quarters. He had seen that writing before the night his parents had died, and he had thought he was imaging things and forgotten. That night, his parents had died without a scratch; no one could figure out what had happened. This time, he would not let anything happen. He came to a decision. He would tell the captain what he had…show more content…
Trying different types of alcohol and drugs, we got ourselves deep into a mess. We couldn't go a day without getting drunk, and it changed everything. We might not still be brothers, but I remember him and the good old days, before all of this started. We started getting into fights with each other, and we lost ourselves, but still, we didn't give up the drugs. We eventually stopped seeing each other and stopped talking. We had become completely different people. After a lot of contemplation, I tried to become a better version of myself, a version without the poison called drugs. I locked myself in my room and studied, as education was my only hope. I had heard that he was still the same, abusing drugs and always in a haze. As I grew older and devoted myself to my studies, I didn't hear of him at all. My best friend, my brother, was now a stranger to me. One day out of the blue, his sister knocked on my door and started weeping. She told me he had passed away in the hospital the night before, and I lost it. I was shocked that my dear friend was no longer on this Earth. I wondered, If we hadn't started out with cigarettes, what would have happened? Would he still be with me? Would we still be the brothers we were before? Would we have laughed and cried together the way we used
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