Kiser Processing Model Essay

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H.S. Internship
Kiser Integrative processing model

I am going to use the integrative processing model developed by Kiser to better learn to better learn from my internship experience. The best way I can think of to do this so I am able to get the most out of this exercise will be done as follows. For each step Kiser suggest I will first explain the step using Kiser's word then my own, I will then follow the step and I will then explain why each step is useful. Once I am finished with the whole process I will then summarize how the model has helped me think about my internship.

Step I Gathering Objective Data From Concrete Experiences. Kiser describes the process of step one by writing, "In you fieldwork, experience forms the
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Once Megan left I continued to make my calls. I spent 8 hours my first day making calls. I got many answering machines and spoke to many people. With my limited information provided by the script this experience taught me a lot. This step is very important because it allows me the chance to look back at the experience and think about what actually happened not just how I felt about what was happening. I do not simply think about weather I liked the experience or disliked it, whether I felt I gained knowledge or wasted my time.

Step II Reflecting Step two is described by Kiser as "engaging in reflection by assessing your own personal reaction to the situation. You might think of this step as examining your "involvement of self" in the task at hand..... Another important component of reflection is evaluation of your own behavior in the concrete experience." My interpretation of this step is to write about how the experience made me feel during and after the event. This step is also a chance to think about how well I completed the event. When reflection on the first day of phone calls I am rushed with negative feelings. The overwhelming feeling that I think of when I reflect on the day's events is that of disappointment. I did not like the task I was doing for a few reasons. First I felt alone, sitting there in my cubical with all the other sitting together in an open work space. Secondly I felt like

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