Kiss Descriptive Writing

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He grabbed my hair from behind to expose my neck as he attaches his lips to my exposed skin just below my ear. I gasp as soon as his lips touch my neck and I can feel his smile against my skin. His body is pressed against mine as he pushed me up against the wall in his room. His lips still attached to my neck but is now at the base. His left hand is in my hair pulling it from the ends. His right around my waist just under the rim of my shirt gripping my hip. His lips detached from my neck and his blue green eyes are staring at me. His right hand is now going down my leg as his palm curves over my butt and down the back of my thigh. His other hand is feeling down my body till both of his hands are around my butt and he picks me up and I wrap my legs around his waist. His hands holding my up by my butt and my arms wrapped around his neck and our lips are attached in a passionate kiss. I’m pressing my body closer and closer to his as I struggle to breath but am reluctant to break away from the kiss. I bite his lip and he pulls away and I see the grimace in his face but I also can see the pleasure. I can feel him growing hard and he pulls me away from the wall and walks towards his couch carrying me. He sits down and my legs are now straddling him and I bring my lips back to his. My hands go from his neck and…show more content…
The moment my hand touches him his head rolls back and I hear him moan slightly. I take this moment to grind my hips into his. His head comes back up with his pupils completely dilated and with lust in them. His hands are on my waist and grab the hem of my shirt and pull it over my head. The only thing covering my chest is my thinly lined bra. His left hand goes up my side and into my hair to pull it back causing me to moan his name out. With my neck exposed again he kisses from below my chin all the way down to in between the valley of my
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