Kitchen Brigade: The Classical And The Morden Kitchen Brigade

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The Classical and the Morden Kitchen Brigade. Why, when, who, where, what is the kitchen brigade and How was it established?
I chose this topic because the kitchen is the most important and busy department of a hotel as it serves the most important thing to guest and that is food, as the kitchen brigade was established in the past, it grows and without its existence, kitchens would be a mess. The kitchen brigade began on the 14th century, soldiers had to eat so that they have strength to survive, so soldiers had to be selected among the soldiers as cooks to prepare food. During peacetime, rulers set up tournaments to keep their warriors prepared for future battles; the military cooks followed knights to castles and ultimately became the cooks to kings and nobility, orchestrating huge and complicated meals and feasts for vast entourages. Trade guilds soon developed; these were carefully controlled monopolies for cooks that ensured the membership steady employment. Expensive and exclusive, these guilds adopted uniforms, rigid hierarchies, and systems of exhaustive apprenticeship. Until after the French …show more content…

Escoffier will be a good foundation for every student who is currently doing Hospitality Management as it touches on the sensitive department of a hotel which generates revenue compared to other departments. Having the knowledge of the kitchen brigade as a chef or kitchen staff member will awaken the pride and identity of the kitchen or a team working in a kitchen because each staff member having this knowledge will always be professional and cooperating with fellow staff members. Other significant factors are that having this knowledge will make an individual work smoothly with colleagues and his or her bosses, knowing who to report to and how to identify who is doing what in the

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