Kitchen Gardening Advantages And Disadvantages

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Potagers By: Kanza Sohail Want vegetables that are fresh, healthy and organic and could be plucked just right before cooking from nowhere else but your own kitchen garden is legit a savior in this killing summer heat where sun is on its high to melt humans like an ice-cream! Keeping forefront the very famous quote of Oscar Renta ‘Gardening is the work of a lifetime, you never finish’ and sticking to it in today’s fluctuating economy; where country is in depths of recession and inflation, kitchen gardening is a like a scapegoat. Growing organically not just let nature harmonize but also is a healthy lifestyle. And, honestly, who would mind produce that’s free of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers yet freshest and most flavorful? Guess? No one! Kitchen gardening is like a human’s treat to Mother Nature because it allows your environment to spruce up and that little patch of green helps you contribute your part in saving your surroundings. The concept of Kitchen Gardening is increasingly growing day by day and that is because people find it more cost friendly and more of a personal choice; personal choice to eat healthy and stay fit! Also, it is the best means of exercise for both young and aged people. Commercial growers, however, are unhappy about it as people are now moving towards safer…show more content…
It helps people to divert their minds from daily workload and usual work related stress. It has many benefits on people’s health. It makes a person physically active, acts as a stress buster, keep’s brain fresh and alert, provides some sunlight soaking while taking care of and gives you fresh and green air with less pollution. Green vegetables are rich in minerals and vitamins, acts as a shield against diseases, heat and give energy. Experts say that it encourages you to have a cleaner neighborhood because whatever waste generated would be used to make organic compost rather than being dumped into dustbins or
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