Kitchen Witch Essay

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Kitchen Witch is a series of novels written by popular American cozy mystery author Morgana Best. The first novel in Best’s Kitchen Witch series of novels was Miss Spelled the typo like sounding novel that despite its weird name went on to become a bestseller. After the much-vaunted success of the first novel, Morgana went on to publish several more titles in the series and two omnibus books covering books one to six. The lead character in the series of novels is Amelia Spelled and the antagonist Alder Vervain. In addition to the Amelia quirky characters, and her enigmatic antagonist, the house is a very interesting character in the series as it develops and grows influencing the actions of the transient characters throughout the series. The…show more content…
While this is a cozy mystery, Amelia’s witch powers are not the Hollywood type minor witching but rather the traditional type. She can mix potions, do candle spells, and do folk magic. However, even as she is a kitchen witch, Amelia is one of the worst cooks frequently setting all her cooking on fire. Her fellow quirky witches do explain to her that she is a terrible cook because she is destined to be one of the greatest kitchen witches ever. When we first meet Miss Spelled, she is not having the best of times as she just has her eviction notice, has lost her job, and been dumped by her boyfriend all on the same day. Just as she thinks she has lost everything she finds a letter among her things informing her that she is the only heiress to a fortune. As expected, she is over the moon and so start a great witching apprenticeship and journey towards revealing her identity. Her inheritance includes a cake store, an old Victorian home full of secrets and two cats. Right from the very beginning cooking is not Miss Spelled’s strength, and she makes many mistakes that could portend disastrous consequences throughout the novel series. She will also discover a lot of secrets about herself, her powers, and those of her witching sisters that soon get her way in over her head on several
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