Kite Runner Character Analysis

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Kite Runner The most important characters in the Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini are Amir, Hassan/Sohrab, and Assef based on if they are round or flat static or non static, likeable, and what we think about them. Amir the narrator and protagonist of the story.Amir had a good life based on where he lived, unless you view it from Amir’s view. Amir would always feel neglected by his father and never felt like he was living up to who he was supposed to be. The moment that makes the possibility of Amir becoming static and a round character is when he sees Hassan getting raped by Assef. This gives him the chance to redeem himself later on in the story because Amir backs down from helping Hassan and it later leads Amir to trying to get rid of Hassan. Amir finally gets rid of him. “ I caught one final blurry glimpse of Hassan slumped in the back seat...I stepped back and all i saw was rain through windowpanes that looked like melting silver” (Hosseini 109). Go into the future where Amir is living in America and he gets the call from Rahim saying “ There is a way to be good again” (Hosseini 2). Amir goes back to Afghanistan to find out the Hassan is dead, but he had a child and is his name is Sohrab. Amir needs to go to the orphanage and save him and take him somewhere safe. Sohrab is being held by Assef and is being abused sexually which kind of relates to Hassan being raped. Amir is getting hit and kicked until he's bleeding and he finally feels relief after what he let happen to Hassan. Amir feels a sense of relief since Hassan never wanted to pelt him with the pomegranates. Amir is a dynamic character based on how he handles his life throughout the story. Amir starts off as a little kid who can't stand up for himself. “...sometimes i look out this window and i see him playing on the street with the neighborhood boys. I see how they push him around, take his toys from him, give him a shove here, a whack there. And you know, he never fights back. Never. He just...drops his head and…” (Hosseini 22). Later when Amir has to save Sohrab he stands up to Assef something he would never do when he was younger, he took the punches and kicks without crying without complaining but just feeling good again. Once Amir takes

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