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Kiteboarding Choose from one of three teaching programs; discovery, intermediate and independent kite boarder, to start your learning adventure. Discover a hidden skill or unveil a new beloved hobby for yourself. Kiteboarding is a fun and new way to get fit and enjoy Newcastle’s awesome beaches. Test yourself with this fun involved new challenge. For more information visit Hot Air Balloon Flights The feeling of being lifted from the ground with nothing but a wicker basket beneath your feet and hot air above your head is a unique experience of a lifetime. The breathtaking view over the Hunter Valley Vineyards can be a romantic adventure or just a fun time. With multiple package deals to choose from…show more content…
The Stockton sand dunes are the largest moving sand dunes in the Southern Hemisphere. Get out and enjoy the dunes in one of three ways, 4x4 wheel driving, quad biking or sand boarding. Providing you have access to a 4x4 vehicle, driving is permitted along the beach from Williamtown to Anna Bay, a 53km stretch of sand. Join in on an hour long quad bike tour where you are taught to drive your bike and taken through multiple terrains such as grassland, forest and of course along the sand dunes. Ride along dunes that reach as high as 100feet high. Alternatively grab a board and trek your way to the top of your chosen hill and fly down the slopes. The hills have been assessed for safety and be assured that there is a range appropriate for your daredevil-ness. Don’t fear if you fall off, it will be the most fun tumble you can have. For more information visit
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