Kitty Genovese Essay

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Some may say that bystanders are terrible and have no sense of morality and yes, that may true for some bystanders. The case of Kitty Genovese truly shows how cruel and unthoughtful bystanders can be, but when we ask the question of why people would ignore someone in a crisis such as that, we automatically make up rationalizations such as diffusion of responsibility but in reality that's not the case. The idea of this new law is fantastic, absolutely. In reality, this law is unrealistic in what its asking of us. Bystanders don't stand by and watch someone in a crisis because of diffusion of responsibility, they stand by because they see people walk by someone in a crisis and think it’d be weird of him to go out of his way to help someone since…show more content…
The bystander would have to live with them not helping in the first place and would have that guilt on their conscious. Now what i'm saying is, this law isn’t necessary because truly the worst punishment to give a bystander is the bystander having to live with themselves after they have done such a thing or actually what he hasn’t done. There's a story that i heard recently where a man, a homeless man saved a woman from being robbed on the streets of New York. This man, in the process of saving this person, gets stabbed by the robber and the robber and the women flea on their separate ways. The robber nor the women came back. Pedestrians walked passed this man time and time again and did nothing until one young man came and turned him over on his back and after doing that, walked away. Don’t you think if you found out a man you attempted to help but gave up, died in that exact spot you left him, would have a miserable life having to think of that day in and day
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