Essay on Kitty Genovese

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February 10th, 2011

Take-Home Midterm

Intro to Legal Studies

Chapter 1- Question One

The Kitty Genovese story is a tragic one and is a controversial topic when ethics come into play. Though she screamed for help repeatedly while being stabbed the observers from the surrounding apartments did very little to assist the young woman. One observer in specific did shout “Leave the girl alone” and that deterred the assailant for a brief moment but whether or not he acted ethically is something of a different matter. According to Duty-Base Ethics which by definition states “the doctrine that actions are morally correct if they comply with existing obligations owed another and ourselves,” one could deduct that this observer did not act
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So when asked to take the pro or con of this argument that prospective appointees to the U.S Supreme Court should publicly divulge their personal philosophies on the largest issues of modern society such as abortion rights, prayer in public school, etc. I say Pro. Not only should they speak of their beliefs about these controversial topics, they should do it openly and assertively. It is important for the people to know the people who are responsible for our government and what they stand for whether we agree or disagree. Sometimes and understandably public figures or potential public figures are hesitant to speak on such delicate matters because of the judgment and criticisms that they will have to endure once that information is out in the open but they must know that this is what comes with being a public government figure especially the prospective appointees for the U.S Supreme Court. It is their duty to serve the people and maintaining the integrity of the Constitution, which is what our country was built on. That is a great responsibility and a very public one so the prospective appointees should deem it necessary to let the people know who may be possibly carrying the weight of this responsibility and where they stand on these controversial issues that effect the people of this country.

Chapter 3-Question Three

In the civil trial cases to initiate it there first must be a complaint,
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