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Mohamed Mahmoud Hussein
 13 Hafez Ibrahim street El Manial, El Roda / 13 El Sheik Al Sharawy , Nasr Road , American Society ,
El Maadi  Cairo City  01024008300.  eighte_2011@hotmail.com
 Date of birth : 05-03-1991

Marital status: Single

Military status: Exempted

Graduation date: 06-06-2012

Energetic, ambitious and enthusiastic of maintaining existing client relationships and also generating new ones. Possessing commercial awareness and excellent presentation, verbal communication and organizational skills. Having a ability to meet and exceed targets as well as the relevant administrative, commercial, sales and personnel work experience required for a successful
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Establish potentiality assessment models for our employees to be communicated to the main head office.

Facilitate and present Training and Induction parts for new comers.

Conduct individual’s interviews with Chiefs, consolidate data and analyze it.

Coordinate CDC reports and other data to present to Top Management.

Negotiate to receive the appropriate quotation and present Allianz Arena TNA for our managers and employees.

Performance Management:

Receive the yearly Performance Management Template from the main head office.

Conduct random auditing regarding The Templates and communicate any inquiries from our department managers.

Communicate yearly presentations for The Department Managers, and receive and collect mid – Year Performance


Send our potentiality assessment regarding every employee, and CDC.

Consolidate all results to the main head office, and create one file to be reviewed by the main head office.

Create PMI plans, and adjust according to every employee.

Personnel & Employee Relations:

Help in communicating all the overtime, annual leaves and excuses to the main head office.

Establish HR Letters, advance payment from the top management.

Receive any inquiries from employees
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