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Klepto, Kleptomaniac, Kleptomania, some are just punned names, typically used to describe anyone who steals, but Kleptomania is more than just stealing and is recognized as an Impulse Control Disorder.
Kleptomania [Gr.,=craze for stealing], irresistible compulsion to steal, motivated by neurotic impulse rather than material need. No specific cause is known. The condition is considered generally as the result of some underlying emotional disturbance rather than as a form of neurosis in itself. Legally kleptomania is not classified as insanity, and individuals are held responsible except when complete lack of control over their actions can be definitely established. (Columbia Encyclopedia, 2008)

Kleptomania was first recognized by the
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Family, Friends, Co-Workers, Public Humiliation

Symptoms of a Kleptomaniac taken from the American Psychiatric Association include:
 Taking objects on impulse, without planning ahead
 Repeatedly taking things that are not valuable or needed for personal use
 Feeling increased tension right before the theft
 Thefts are not committed as a result of delusions, hallucinations or as acts of revenge or anger
 Feeling pleasure or relief at the time of the theft
 Thefts cannot be explained by Antisocial Personality Disorder, Conduct Disorder or a Manic Episode (Psychology Today, 2002)
Kleptomania is rare overall, but tends to be found more in females than males, although it’s difficult to document exact numbers of those suffering from the disorder, and might just be that more women are caught who have the disorder than men. What is really startling is that typically if someone is suffering with Kleptomania, they may also be suffering from other Impulse Control Disorders, or addictive habits. Many who suffer with kleptomania are pathological gamblers, and compulsive liars. So is there a trend to Kleptomania? Mood disorders like depression and anxiety tend to be common with Kleptomaniacs, as well as other psychiatric disorders. Other commonalities such as eating disorders and substance abuse tend to be present within people who suffer from

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