Klinefelter's Syndrome Research Paper

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Klinefelter's Syndrome Klinefelter's syndrome is rather common, more than a person would once think. The disease is mainly dealing with mutation within the chromosomes. As well it is only possible for it to occur in males. The mutation itself is the fact that the male instead of one got two or more x chromosomes. Klinefelter's syndromes can badly affect males with it depending on how severe and how many x chromosomes they have.
As stated the only way the a man could ever get this diseases is if their parents sex cell mutated giving the male child more than one x chromosome. It can greatly affect both the person's physical as well as mental state of being. The amount of chromosome can just be up to two or more, 47XXY/48XXXY, and so on. …show more content…

There is no cure for Klinefelter's syndrome a person with it can't do much to cure it. The physical and mental things that are a turn out because it can't truly be fixed. The people have to live with what they get from Klinefelter's syndrome. Their chromosomes can't be changed and stay the same because it's their DNA. There are times where the extra x chromosomes aren't in all of the DNA but that is not all that common.
It also changes up the male's puberty and how it works for the person. It can cause the males testes to not form correctly and be smaller than they normally should be. At the time they are very more prone to many health problems and defects. The puberty of the affect and be delayed as well. Normally can't not be noticed until puberty and later, because of the development of male organs in puberty.
In the end Klinefelter's syndrome is very common in males and is in one third of all males in the world. It's affecting of the male that have this chromosomal disease. Changing up the affected male and their physical and mental abilities. With the extra x chromosome going up to as many to 5. Going over 2 could cause many worse deformities in the males body and they way that they could

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