Kmart's Past Struggle

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Kmart Past Struggles

Management is a key to success, and Kmart needs proper management to help create a positive image that attracts more customers. Kmart 's disorderly management and bankruptcy caused many customers to shop with other retailers. According to Carr, Wal-Mart and Kmart were the same size in 1990. Since then, Kmart has grown far slower than its rival or the industry. Once one of the largest discount retailers, Kmart filed for the biggest Chapter 11 bankruptcy for discount retailing in the United States (2002). Struggling to find the right type of management has been one of Kmart 's problems that ultimately helped lead the company to its downfall. Kmart is constantly changing CEO 's, and thus focuses. Kmart has had
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A list of questions and responses that the students had pertaining Kmart is attached in Appendix A. When asked about particular items that the students were interested in purchasing at a store, some of the responses were: food, clothes, school supplies, household products, and entertainment merchandise. If Kmart offered wider range of these items at relatively low prices more students would be interested in shopping there. According to the survey, specials that persuaded 4 out of the 12 students to shop at Kmart were: sales on bathroom supplies, kitchen appliances, school materials, and pet food/toys. When asked how often the individuals went to Kmart the response was once or twice every couple of months. The number one reason that all twelve of the students ever stopped or considered stopping at Kmart was the convenient location.
A better marketing plan should be implemented to help differentiate Kmart from its competitors. The Kmart located on Stadium Drive is right off U.S. 131 and is only a few miles away from Western Michigan University and could generate more sales if more students and residents knew more about weekly sales and product selection. Below are a few changes that this Kmart could make to increase sales:
1. Radio and television ads could be created to show annual, monthly, and weekly deals on merchandise encouraging people to shop at Kmart.
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