Knapp's Relational Development Model

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What forms of communication was Knapp’s ideal of Relational Development model were identified. Explain each stage and apply relevant examples. According to Knapp’s model of Relational Development, he described the stages in which a relationship goes within the make up and break up steps of coming together and coming apart. This blog will discuss each stage with examples. When there is a bond between two individuals, the first overall part is the coming together stage. It is when both parties interact with one another in the process of forming a relationship, this is called Initiating. For example, the likeness of one another, their personality and what makes you like the person, it is the combination of you and the other person.…show more content…
Although the bonding stage is most likely where people intend to keep their relationship going forever, sometimes it does not happen. Until now, the rank of divorce couples is higher than the rate of committed couples. Therefore, just like the coming together stages of a relationship there are five stages to coming apart. The first sign of a relationship coming to an end is Differentiating, meaning the couple’s commonalities and differences are affecting them. In the course of this stage, the impetus of “working together” stance instantly move from “couple” to “individualistic”. Temporary estrangement become a solution. For that reason, the relationship shifts rapidly from differences to setting boundaries on the couple’s interaction. This is called the Circumscribing stage, which means to know everything you need to know about your partner but you avoid it by going around the problem. It is like saying your partner isn’t sincere so you avoid the problem and not sort it out which includes less communication. The fourth stage is Stagnating, simply means that once you find out your partner is unfaithful you remain to do nothing about it. For instance, you know your partner is playing around so you let it carry on until action is taken. Which eventually comes down to the final stage which is Terminating. This is where relationship ends completely. Though it is hard to avoid relationships from getting to this stage of
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