Knee Arthritis Benefits

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Rehabilitation for knee arthritis is the time to nurture your joints and ensure that they are able to function properly. However, taking your rehabilitation too slow can hinder you. Your body needs to constantly be challenged in order to see improvement. It can be difficult to push your body during rehabilitation sessions for fear hat you may injure yourself all over again. However, your body can do a lot more than you may think it can. With the proper guidance you can safely push your body past its limits. Therefore, there are a few tips you can use to safely push your limits while rehabilitating from knee arthritis. Set Multiple Goals The body naturally gets stronger the longer you perform a specific activity. When recovering from knee arthritis you want to strengthen your range of motion in different areas throughout your knee. This can be done by setting multiple goals. Goals are a way of pushing and challenging your body. One week your goal can be to bend your knee to a certain degree. The next week your goal may be to stand for a certain amount of time. By the end of the month, you will be able to see if you have met your goals from week to week. If you did, then you can move on to exercises that are more challenging.…show more content…
However, when done correctly, high-impact sports are great for pushing and strengthening the body. The key to succeeding in one of these sports is to start from square one. If you decide to run, then you can start by running a block and assessing how well you feel after that. If that is not challenging enough, then you can increase the distance or speed in which you run. Always Be
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