Knee Deep Analysis

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Knee Deep, a ‘heart stopping’ (Isabelle-Oram) contemporary circus ensemble by Casus Circus, composed by four actors and actresses, Natona Fa’anana, Jesse Huggh, Kali Retallack, and Jesse Scott show-casing their skills at the Judith Wright Centre of Performing Arts. “This show is about the relationship and trust shown through the actors and actresses gracious and challenging movements, such as propelling themselves through the air with nothing but trust and hope, exploring the fear of the unknown” . Other engaging, dynamic skills were shown throughout the performance, such as the dangerously beautiful performance of being suspended in the air with only a Tissue, or the fragility shown as the actors tossed the actress across the room with swinging…show more content…
It was executed preciously with sustained and swinging movements using a range of different positions to throw her and highlight the implied risk. This scene is used to demonstrate relationships, trust and focus are very important. At any given moment she could have fallen and been gravely injured, which can be interrupted as a metaphor for the fragility of relationships and need to be taken care of.

Knee deep is an eye catching performance, which hooks the audience immediately with a variety of dynamic movements enhanced by all four actors. Fear, relationships and trust are explored and revealed all throughout the show such as the Tissue performance by Fa’anana as there is a fear of the unknown for the audience through continual ascending ad rapid descending movements. The fragility of relationships and trust are examined by walking on eggs and tossing Retallack in a variety of different ways to each other through carefully choreographed routines interlaced with elements of suspense and
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