Knee Injury Summary

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Summary of Article
This article begins with explain how even though volleyball is a non-contact sport, it holds a very high risk of injury. The most frequent way injuries occur are because of poor landing techniques. Women are more prone to these types of injuries because biologically they have weaker ligaments. The second most common injuries are injuries to the ankle. Researchers have said that the best way to reduce injuries is by practicing appropriate postural control. Postural control is also linked with balance. Balance one of the main components of knee injury. Volleyball, basketball, and other active athletes have not developed proper posture to land safely, causing many injuries to the knee and ankles.
Point of Agreement
I agree that there has to be some reason for non-contact athletes, like volleyball players, are injuring themselves. It makes sense that the injury is caused by a poor development of proper posture. With anything in sports, it is important to develop proper form and technique to both execute the skill and be safe while playing. Many athletes, even professional, have a hard time with proper technique. They think they know everything about the game but forget the basics and end up injuring themselves.

Point of Disagreement
As much as it is probably true, I would have
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It does a good job explaining that every injury has a cause of what happened. I like how it talked about how something as simple as landing posture can be a huge cause in major injuries across many sports, including volleyball. I think that these findings can help encourage coaches of all sport train their athletes of proper form for both sport specific tactics and non-sport specific tactics. Injuries while doing something as simple as running or jumping continue to happen and we cannot assume anything will change unless we are coached
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