Knew Deaf In An Old World. “Africa Is The Second Most Populous

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Knew Deaf in an Old World “Africa is the second most populous continent with about 1.1 billion people or 16 percent of the world’s population and will double to 2.3 million by 2050”( Five Amazing Facts about Africa and Black People). Lillian Bertram is the author of “ Skittles for Trayvon: A Diminishing Suite ”, the author conveys an unapologetic objectivation of creation and Black awareness of such. The poem payed homage to the murdering of 17-year old African-American, Florida native, Trayvon Benjamin Martin’s death in 2012 for an inaugural poetry contest in 2014. The theme is Black awareness of the many innocent young and old, male and female who have fell victim to discrimination. This paper will uncover the creative illusions in…show more content…
So the Water People are cutting raw materials for personal consumption and destroys the gifts for generations to come, “Skittles for Trayvon” (lines 8-11) “ Swamps crept and grew sweet rods that the Water People cut and boiled for sweet, clear syrup”. An Abundance of gifts has created those who respect and cherish mother-earth less and causes a physical division amongst those who don 't operate the same. Cities and counties are founded on the principles and practices that are similar. White culture has spread throughout countries and discovering ones, “Skittles for Trayvon: A Diminishing Suite”(line 9-10)” The Water People were harvesters and the Volcano People sowed in ash”. America has homes that are populated by persons income, an example would be the gated community of both Zimmerman and Martin father’s home. These divisions creates a false image of what wealth looks like, these ideas are supported in “ Skittles for Trayvon: A Diminishing Suite”(line 10-11)” They gated in the trees and built houses out of blocks”. New policies are made to define those White people living in those guarded communities. Power is a tool constantly being used as narrative to persuade people. History shows how European presence has rape Africa’s inhabitants of their language, food, and traditions. African- American are being feed the narrative that Africa is a continents with several under-developed countries,

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