Knight Fouls: Indiana Takes Legal Shot

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Knight Fouls: Indiana Takes Legal Shot After reports of several transgressions and the surface of a damaging videotape which appeared to show Knight physically assaulting a former player, the president of Indiana, Neil Reed, had explained to Knight that there was a zero tolerance policy where Knight was concerned (Wolff, 2000). Despite the repeated warnings and the newly stated zero tolerance policy, Knight continued to commit transgressions that eventually got him fired from Indiana University where he had coached for almost three decades. Indiana University took a thrashing from Knight fans’ over this decision, but keeping Knight as an agent of the University could have resulted in a legal disaster. From a Biblical worldview, the…show more content…
If the University had continued to overlook Knight’s conduct, then they could have been found liable for Knights subsequent actions while in the University’s employ. Employment Rights Many speculated that Knight was fired, not because of his conduct, but rather because of his increasingly losing record (John, 2010). Even if this were the case the University had no requirement to keep Knight employed. Most states, including Indiana are “employee at will” states, which means that an employee can be fired without cause (Jenning, 2013). Knight did have a contract, but most employment contracts include language that allows an employer to sever the contract for insubordination or inappropriate behavior, both of which Knight was accused of. Christian Worldview From a Christian perspective, it would seem that the University did the “right thing”. The University appeared to have taken no joy in letting Knight go and, in fact, seemed to be saddened by the event. The University did not seem to react in the moment, but rather they gave Knight a second, and some would argue a third and fourth, chance. Bob Knight’s son, Pat Knight has encouraged his father to move on and let this part of his past go (Keefer, 2013). Sometimes there is no win-win, and we have to be willing to forgive and to move forward. Psalms 130:3 “If you, Lord kept a record of sins, Lord, who could stand” (New International Version). Clearly, there is none among us who is without
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