Knight 's Life Essay : Knight

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Christian Whitehead
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October 14, 2014
Knight’s Life Essay A knight is a soldier, a servant to kingdom weather with a sword and shield or a bow and arrow they battle for their king. To be a knight you must be of royal decent. A knight life’s a life of a protector of your king; they partake in skilled tasks such as jousting and sword fighting. A knight lives by a code of honor known as chivalry. They dined on roasted meats, fruits, and vegetables. They wore armor in battle, such as chainmail and boots. Knights lived there lives protecting their lord and king. A knight was a loyal servant of the king and his castle. Knights were once little squire’s sons of Noblemen that assisted the knights before them. The squire would serve, and assist the knight with the dirty work, the cleaning, such as cleaning boots. The squire ran the errands, like a modern day intern the squire was the knight in training. The squire must learn from the knight how to be a knight, the way the knights fought from horseback and on feet, all their secrets to success. The squire has to learn all the stories of great knights, how they became so great. The squire was to serve the knight, the way the knight served the king. The squire must learn to follow the codes of honor, to be a knight. Learn the strength of a vow a promise to never be broken. To become a knight you have to vow your loyalty to your king and be knighted. The knight dressed for battle wore…

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