Knights Of The Middle Ages

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Knights of The Middle Ages

The broad-shouldered and muscular knight stood before his king, ready to take fealty. His sword glistened from being wiped clean of battle. The knight was well-known and honored throughout the kingdom. These males made different vows to protect their country. There were ceremonies for these oaths. They had special clothing for battle and everyday living. Part of this was do to the codes of chivalry. Chivalry has been around for centuries. Knights like those of the middle ages had many responsibilities and made vows to ensure their commitment to the codes of chivalry.

Chivalry has a long background and a deep meaning. Coming from the French term “horse soldiery” chivalry can be dated back as far as the 11th century (Wikipedia). The word was given to the gallant men that had the qualifications of being a medieval knight. The gentlemen were honored in the community. Any little boy in medieval times dreamed of being a knight. These soldiers took on the commands and responsibilities of becoming the protectors of their people. They were expected to be generous and courteous. In these medieval times, knights especially had to follow the numerous codes and rules of chivalry. With this came an extensive list of rules and codes for the knights to follow.

There were many clear-cut decrees for the knights to follow. Most of the warrior codes correlated to chivalry and not of battle. Chivalry was the ionic reputation the knights had to uphold. Examples of…

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