Knights Of The Past And Stories Of Arthur

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Arthur knights to Medieval knights Knights of the past and those from stories of Arthur are always intriguing. However have you ever wondered what 's knights of the past were really like? Maybe past knights weren 't all about honor and loyalty. Maybe even some of them were villains in some kind of mixed up way. Well this can all be solved in researching “Knights of the past” and stories of Arthur. In the end you will learn that knights of the past and those of the Arthurian age were very similar. Knights have always interested me, but have you ever wondered if the stories were true? For example, we always see a man in silver armor graciously saving the princess in the end. However were there actually knights who did this or was it just a subterfuge fairy tale? Before we actually go over the difference of knights of the past and those of the Arthurian age lets go over facts on both types of knights. Before knights in medieval times actually became knights there were challenges before them. First and foremost was knights had to be scribes, then squires, before they even got to be dubbed a knight. Intriguingly the hardest has yet to come since their greatest challenge would have to be the training. Just about every knight trained at their lord 's castle and also almost every knight was a noble. Many teachings were with swords, lances and even a bow. However that was not it, they also had oppressive teachings of chivalry and kindness especially towards women. In many…
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