Knights of the Middle Ages Essay example

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Knights became important in the Middle Ages as warriors recruited by their lords for military service. They were equipped with defensive garment, armor and weapons, and they were trained to fight on horseback since they were children. They also took part in jousts and tournaments in order to exercise their fighting skills and to show their battle skills.
Knights were part of the nobility of the Middle Ages. Nobles lived much more comfortably than peasants, but their lives were not glamorous. Some knights inherited or were given castles which had been built for security but not for comfort. It is supposed that some medieval stories are based on the lives of the courageous warriors who lived in those times no matter whether
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Knights arose to replace the old citizens? armies of Antiquity and they existed between the years A.D. 800 and A.D.1450, when guns and cannons started to substitute for them. In the early Middle Ages, anyone who fought on horseback might be called a knight, however, by the 12th century, no one who was not a nobleman could become one. In some countries, namely France, knighthood became a hereditary class, whereas in England it did not. Knights were professional mounted warriors who served a king or a lord, who in return for service always offered protection, both legally and militarily, and usually granted them land. The lord had considerable control over the knight?s life, career, and future, for instance, he had the final say in whom the knight could marry and the disposition of his estate after his death. Most knights travelled looking for the possibility of participating in social activities or in battles. When not engaged in combat the knight would participate in tournaments to win favours, power, and money. Often, this would also lead to courtships. The prospects of a knight were: marriage to a wealthy heiress, inheritance of lands, and service to a noble as a high official. A noble boy started his way towards knighthood when he was very young, at the age of seven or eight, approximately. At this time he was sent to a Lord?s castle near his
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