Knock Knock Research Paper

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RJ Kloecker Ms. Underhill HELA 6 June 2017 Joke Telling Knock Knock: Me: Nobody Laughs at my “knock knock” jokes. Ready? Ding Dong… DARN IT!!!!!!!! Story Telling: Me: So my grandmother is very spiritual and believes in god. So she just got in a car accident and after that she called me and said that her car flipped six times and she only got a scratch #blessed. Well do people count when they flip over like “AAAAHHHHH” one. My grandmother is so spiritual that if I got shot three times in the back instead of calling 911 she would get down on her knees and be like “bless him, let the blessed rain down on this young child, BLESS HIM!! BLESS HIM!!!!! Three skeletons walk into a starbucks and order three lattes and a mop!! Riddle:
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