Knowing Otherworldly Goodness Through Worldly Evils

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Humans come to understand experiences through the basic functions of the mind. The word "experience" refers not only to personal involvement in certain events, but also to anything that can be detected through the senses, ie: people, inanimate objects, and feelings. The ability to define, categorize, extend knowledge onto other things, and compare are the most fundamental functions. Without these functions, we could not gather knowledge from our experiences, nor could we arrive at any conclusions about their significance. The physical world would ultimately be unintelligible. This leads to the question of how we can understand things that are not in the physical world, like God. Our senses cannot directly experience things outside…show more content…
Because He is the 3-0 God, there cannot be any evil that would match His goodness. This would undermine His power, thus making Him not God. Because there is no equally powerful force of evil, we must extend our earthly experiences of evil to try to understand an otherworldly good. It is possible we can never fully understand the goodness of God, even if we make it to heaven to directly experience Him. Thomas Aquinas speaks of theoretically studying God, which implies that an understanding of God is not easily acquired. If spirits in heaven who directly observe and experience God have to study Him to reach an understanding, we are much further off from reaching an understanding of God's goodness during our earthly existences. The believer will still try to fully understand God, despite the guarantee that he cannot achieve full understand while on Earth. The resources the believer has available to him to understand this infinitely good God are his mind and his experiences. The mind and all its reasoning abilities can be trusted to arrive at some understanding of God, as our minds are but one of God's creations. We all experience evil of some sort, whether it is egregious evil or tolerable evil. For the most part, none of us have experienced an evil that is comparable to the worst evils this world has known - perhaps the most evil being the Holocaust. This evil inflicted abundant

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