Knowing Our History Is Vital To Pursuing Our Future. Our

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Knowing our history is vital to pursuing our future. Our history needs to be our guide in making the changes necessary to end the violence. Violence against women has been sanctioned throughout history. We need to know the struggles of those who came before us. By knowing our history we honor their spirits, we keep the flame of justice alive and it brings us to the stark reality that we have much work still to do.
History of the Battered Women’s Movement
753 BC
During the reign of Romulus in Rome, wife beating is accepted and condoned under The Laws of Chastisement. Under these laws, the husband has absolute rights to physically discipline his wife. Since by law, a husband is held liable for crimes committed by his wife, this law was
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The first battered women’s shelter opens in Chiswick, England, by Erin Pizzey.
The first rape crisis center opens in the United States by the Bay Area Women Against Rape.
The first battered women’s shelter in the United States opens in St. Paul, Minnesota, by the Women’s Advocates.
Erin Pizzey, author of the first book about domestic violence from a battered women’s perspective, publishes Scream Quietly or the Neighbors Will Hear in England.
Pennsylvania establishes the first state coalition against domestic violence and becomes the first state to pass legislation providing for orders of protection for battered women. Oregon becomes the first state to legislate mandated arrest in domestic violence cases.
Emerge, the first counseling program for men who batter, is founded in Boston, Massachusetts, at the request of women working in shelters.
The United States Commission on Civil Rights sponsors the Consultation on Battered Women: Issues of Public Policy in Washington, DC. Over 100 nationally represented women come together to organize around the needs of the newly formed battered women’s movement. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) is formed during the
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