Knowing Self and Self Discovery

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Knowing Self This semester, I had the privilege to experience unrestricted creativity in a structured writing class. Now, as I reflect upon the semester I come to realize how closed minded I really am. This semester, I was challenged as a student writer to draw upon something or find inspiration from within to constructively create a masterpiece with words. Often times, finding or even tapping into my creative nerve was very difficult. Then I came to realize, as a student writer, I am paralyzed by a concept called decision making. In a Public Administration Leadership course I actually learned something about myself. What I had learned really took me back to all the other structured writing classes I have taken over the years. There is a…show more content…
It is on these interconnecting paths we venture off on a journey of trials and tribulations. It is on the journey where we discover our inner-self and the trials and tribulations is where our self-identity beings to form. In the end, it all comes down to a few defining decisions that will forever define who we are or choose to be. Unfortunately, when Barbara’s trial came she was not prepared for the tribulation afterwards. Interesting enough, Barbara walked down a similar path faced a similar trial and tribulation only to fade away. “There are no satisfactions comparable to a free and spacious childhood with a clear title to one’s own good name at maturity … What price will Barbara have to pay for her ‘big days’ at the typewriter” (p. 71)? The price Barbara and I had to pay was insufficient development growth. Ultimately, it caused us to lose part of ourselves and fade away. Tis Be The End In the end, I come to realize the essays I read throughout the semester were gripping stories about life. A while back a fellow classmate posed a question to the class. He said if I had a son what would be the number one trait I would want him to have? After about a few minutes of silence in the class I uttered the word brave. My class made said, exactly. If I had a son, I would want him to have the courage to stand up for him and not allow life to run him over. Now, I come to realize what most if not all the Great American Essays had in common.
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