Knowledge And Ignorance

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Question: To what extent is your identity constructed by the borders of your knowledge and ignorance? Discuss with reference to the work of Mills and at least one (1) case study The theme I intend to do for this essay is a systematic analysis of how one’s situatedness, or one’s place in society – geographical, or in sense of belonging – largely dictates the knowledge they have access to and the impact this has on their perceptions, which dictates their identity. Furthermore, the impact of ignorance, more specifically willful ignorance, on the formation of identities and the impact this can then have on different groups of people and how this creates pressure for other groups to fit a specific identity. Lastly, that collective and individual…show more content…
For this essay her views on situated social practices are especially relevant and emphasize the relational interdependency of an agent and the world, and similarly the “negotiated quality of meaning” between different situational experiences. Further in the paper Lave discusses how being a member in a community shapes the ‘participants’ identity in relation to the community. This will be integral in my essay as it helps explain the relation between the borders of knowledge, in this case, the specific knowledge of the community, and “the complex ways in which persons and communities of practice constitute themselves and each other”. Rohlfing, K. J., Rehm, M., & Goecke, K. U. “Situatedness: The Interplay between Context(s) and Situation.” Journal of Cognition and Culture. 2003. 132-156. Accessed: 29/3 This journal presented by Rohlfing, Rehm, and Goecke is more focused based on the concepts behind situatedness and individual context. It shows primary evidence through case studies and experiments, which will help give evidence for my essay and further weight for similar claims. It also highlights the relevance of a cultural environment as an impact of behavior. It is limited in that only some parts of the article are relevant to my essay question; however, I believe these parts are still important and relevant to identity construction and will aid in my attempt at answering the essay
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