Knowledge And Knowledge Of Knowledge

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In the Natural Sciences and Religion the gaining of knowledge involves networks of ways of knowing which are often linked together in order to produce knowledge. However, the gaining of knowledge can be centered on academic knowledge production for example, gaining knowledge while working on an academic research otherwise through a process of discovery where knowledge suddenly comes into people. In addition to this, a network can be defined as connections between entities to create an integrated whole. Therefore the entities, being the ways of knowing, result with the integrated whole being the knowledge. The ways of knowing are the means by which we are provided with the essential information and understanding that permits us to gain knowledge within an area of knowledge. Information can be gained while reading, reasoning, observing and talking. Also, since ways of knowing interact with each other, each area of knowledge uses a network of ways of knowing to gain knowledge. In this essay I will discuss, how in order to gain knowledge there is the involvement of a network of ways of knowing. Also, I will be analyzing this question through the perspective of two subject areas : Natural Sciences and Religion. The two areas of knowledge, Religion and the Natural Sciences use different methodologies in the acquisition of knowledge. In the Natural Sciences the only acceptable approach in order to gain knowledge within this area of knowledge is the scientific method. The
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