Knowledge Framework- Mathematics

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Knowledge Framework- Mathematics Scope and Application Mathematics is the application of shared knowledge to help solve problems. It is about quantity, shape, space and change. Today, mathematics is integrated and closely tied into numerous professions. Accountants use math to keep track of a company’s financial movements, programmers must have a firm grasp on fundamental mathematics and algorithms, engineers use math to design, develop and manufacture, and meteorologists use math to forecast weather; almost all professions require some aspect of mathematics. Mathematics can be applied in many different forms due the vast amount of content this area of knowledge contains. Math is divided into Algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, probability etc. and these divisions are further divided into sub-divisions (ex. differential and integral calculus). Mathematics is very important in teaching people how to deal with problems that arise in everyday life. Mathematics has to be applied every time you visit a cash register, or every time a go to the bank; it’s involvement in everyday life is constant. By applying mathematical knowledge, one is able to solve problems. Math teaches us that every problem has a solution. “The process of starting from a simple set of axioms and deriving almost any mathematical truth (putting Godel to one side) is what truly separates Mathematics from any other subject”
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