Knowledge Gained and Personal Assessment

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Assignment Four: Knowledge Gained and Personal Assessment Kim D. Duggared HRMN 495 Professor Jimmy Adkins 11 October 2015 University of Maryland University College in Europe Introduction and Purpose The purpose of this paper is to drawn knowledge gained during this capstone class and classes that have been taken during this degree program. The concept chosen, that is to represent key concepts, related to the key knowledge areas in Human Resources is Employee Engagement Academic definitions of the key terms Blessing white from the division of GP strategy defines employee engagement as “ the intersection of maximum contribution for the organization and maximum satisfactory for the individual,” (,…show more content…
A strong people brand, which attracts superior quality candidates and reduces recruitment costs and engaged employees care about the future of the company and are willing to invest discretionary effort (, 2011). Examples of the concept in practice Organization and employee are all pursuing their own definition of success and these intersect daily at the job, when both are getting what they need it is called employee engagement (, 2012). An example of employee engagement is when an employee has a sustainable level of high performance that mutually benefits both parties. This usually means that the employee is high on contribution and is satisfied with his/her organization. All other’s are lacking in one area or the other for example an employee can be either disengaged with low satisfaction and low contribution, a Honeymooner, high satisfaction with little knowledge of their duties and responsibilities, or a “Crash and Burner” high in contribution but not getting what they want from the organization, they soon either quite or become disengaged ( 2012) . Risk of not utilizing the concept The risk that business take by not utilizing the concept is loosing those employees that deliver great results but not getting what they want from the work, other wise known as “Crash and Burners”
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