Knowledge Is Ignorance: Propaganda

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Knowledge is Ignorance; Propaganda is a great way to control a country because government can tell its citizens one thing ( through the media; posters, radio, TV, etc) but in reality something else is happening. The phases “ignorance is bliss” applies perfectly here because if the Oceanic citizens found out the true reason why there at constant war, then there would be a revolt. It's better that you tell them everything is alright so that the citizens could remain I'll Knowledge holds truth and the truth hurts. The knowledge given to its citizens is Fred upon them as truth but it contradicts the harsh reality on how the system really works. For example, here in the united States we see Russia as our mortal enemies, they’re the typical…show more content…
The way that the inner party works in this novel is to manipulate any means of information to have absolute control over it’s citizens. This can also trace back to the concept of doublethink. Contradictions are even found in the names of the Parties: Ministry of plenty ( Management of resource shortages), Ministry of Peace ( declares/conducts wars), Ministry of love ( enacts punishment and torture on its citizens), and lastly the Ministry of truth ( alters history and spreads propaganda). This can be a parody on how our society makes changes in order to accommodate a certain problem and yet it has its own problems on its back side. For example the real world of 2009 where racial preferences are called “Affirmative Action,” and the concept of killing a baby in the womb is routinely referred to in (Woolley, Lynn) your local newspaper as “Abortion Rights.” Affirmative action has the intent to guarantee that there’s no employment discrimination but at the same time it strips the employer's ability to choose their own employees. They’re getting the job because they’re a minority, not because they’re qualified for the position. The legalization of abortion can be rebutted with the argument that it ignores the opinion of the unborn…show more content…
We see this in movies and television ads, and behind all that is one giant marketing ploy to get everyone to become mules to specific social standards rather than having their own unique opinions on what's acceptable. There’s no room for relativity, rather everything is dealt in absolutes. The contradictory itself is part of society and all you can do is sit and abide by the rules. Even in our everyday lives. Even though the entire world in the novel 1984 is based off marxist far left authoritarianism, and the real world has a huge focus on western democratic ideals. There really isn’t a big difference between both worlds. Both are run through the means of mind control. In 1984 the citizens are forcefully being made to believe a certain something while in the real world, we’re often shielded by one truth to hide another truth. For example it’s common for first worlders, specifically americans, to complain about their standard of living while their countries means of production comes from a much poorer countries like china( taonow). In 1984 we have hate week, where they sit in a room and released two minutes of hate towards a figure who’s supposedly the enemy, and yet they don’t know whether or not Emmanuel Goldstein even
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