Knowledge Is Information, Understanding, Or Skill That One Gets From Experience Or Education?

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According to Merriam, knowledge is information, understanding, or skill that one gets from experience or education; it could also be the state of being aware of something. In the colonial days, the lack of knowledge had been known to spark fear and uncertainty among humans. In Europe, people dreaded traveling beyond the sea shore due to the speculations of falling from the Earth because they thought that the Earth was flat. Many people cringed in fear from the thought of exploring new territories due to this unproven fact of a flat world. It took one brave explorer to look past this rumor and see for himself. Proceeding his arrival back to Europe, he proudly said that the Earth did not have a flat dimension, but, in fact, had a round shape which allowed people to eventually return to their destination without traveling the same route. Information such as this was certainly documented for other curious people to read and to challenge. This case led many scientists and other average people to challenge the opinions of the Earth’s spherical shape. Although these ancient scientists worn their intelligence on their foreheads, their reasoning was not supported by proof. Ferdinand Magellan became the first Portuguese explorer to provide evidence of the Earth actually having a spherical shape by circumnavigating the Earth. Just by knowing a particular piece of information provided people with a sense of comfort immediately. Knowledge is most definitely necessary for all aspects of
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