Knowledge Is Power, It Is The Essential Key To Success

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Knowledge is power, it is the essential key to success and survival, one must strive to make the best out of life or at least that’s what I’ve been told. Knowledge enriches the mind, thereby empower anyone who utilizes it. The human mind holds to key to the breaking and building of an individual. The idea of superiority creates the desire for control and until we understand our mind, we might just end up repeating past failures. The history of African-American journey from ancient times in African to slavery to the civil war and the freeing of the slaves to the present day, seems like a smooth flow, sugar coating the coarse and undeniable bitter experience that was placed out. The idea of saving the nation from the Negro problem to the …show more content…

By the clear comparison and contrast of both chapters, one can fully grasp the intense struggle of blacks.
Just and the type for the first chapter goes, “saving the nation; the racial data revolution and the negro problem”. Muhammad talks about an article called The Negro problem by Nathaniel Shaler, a scientist and prolific writer of the late nineteenth-century race relations. He believed that there was no nation of the so-called civilized world experiencing great difficult than America’s due to the negro problem. The negro problem, as it was called, was the idea of what the African Americans in society should be. Since they were no longer slaves, but the clear majority of white people did not consider them to be equal. Ignore and less interested white bigots at that time had the same warning to dispatch. Trying to avoid the beastlike savagery and crime-stained blackness that where the African Americans.
The shift from slavery to freedom meant so much to the four thousand hopes and prayers of the then former slaves. Free slaves meant free man, new form of communication, interaction and respect was also demanded, and from this the slave problem became the negro problem. Post-emancipation writers aided in creating the necessary knowledge to assist in shaping the future of race relations. Not to long after this black criminality emerged, diseases, all this were yours to scale the weight of African American inferiority. To this

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