Knowledge Is The Fundamental Understanding Of Knowledge

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“Knowledge is power” is a quote which is often associated with Sir Francis Bacon, seen in Bacon’s Meditationes Sacrae (1597). However, what really is knowledge? Does knowledge really give you power? Well, in some cases, they do. Knowledge is what I understand and achieve through certain experiences or education. Knowledge is acquired through different life experiences such as the attendance of school which are later used in universities and the workforce. However, not all forms of knowledge is acquired through that method. This an assumption and has bias as this leans towards the statement that knowledge comes from education and life experiences. The more knowledge I have on a certain topic, the more control I have about the decisions others make and the knowledge gained. Facts and information are learnt in school which forms my fundamental understanding of knowledge (Ingebrigtsen, N.D). Knowledge and information are 2 different ideas. As mentioned, knowledge is what we know. Information is what we learn and capture to expand on our knowledge which is very similar to data (Ingebrigtsen, N.D). Take an image of a tree for example. The image is a form of information but the tree is pure data or facts. There is no changing the fact that that photo is a picture of a tree. Since the photo captures the data, which is an information as it expands on my knowledge which influences the decisions I make – do I like this tree? Therefore, information and knowledge are different. My
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