Knowledge Management And The Implementation Of Ict Initiatives

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Knowledge management and the implementation of ICT initiatives are vital in the effectiveness and level of performance of an organization. The mutual integration of both processes intends to cultivate a dynamic sharing of information that benefits the integral growth of all aspects of its entity. Teo, Nishant, Goh, and Agarwal (2011) stated, "The importance of knowledge sharing is evident from the recent emphasis on business analytics, where harnessing existing knowledge is crucial for obtaining insights to enhance organizational competitiveness" (p. 1). Nevertheless, challenges exist that hinder knowledge management processes within the different implementation approaches in the use of ICTs. Hendriks (as cited by Hislop, 2013) compared the mutual integration of knowledge management and ICTs, " involving the clash of two titans, as such enormous amount of analysis has been devoted to both topics and the inter-relationship between them" (p. 203). I will appraise four distinctive approaches mentioned by Hislop (2013) that strategically facilitate the resolution of knowledge management difficulties. Secondly, I will also compare two different perspectives, described by Hislop (2013), within the use of ICTs in the processes of knowledge management. Lastly, I will apply one of the mentioned approaches that are most compatible to my school organization and discuss how some web 2.0 technologies and social networks are utilized within knowledge management practices. The ICT…
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