Knowledge Management As An Organization

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Knowledge Management in an Organization
Knowledge management has been developed in priority and increased popularity as a research topic from the era of 20Th century. There was enough term for many organizations to introduce KM methods and KM systems. Computing and information systems of an organization are used as a base for implementing knowledge based management systems.KM features mainly on knowledge development, inquisition, refinement, utilization and storage. Knowledge management systems commonly involve the use of databases in the current 21st century and many challenges involve directly related, mixed activities that pursue laws of life and social sciences that affirm science with engineering. The models of knowledge management
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In this Era of Technology, many organizations mostly make use of two knowledge management strategies, they are explained below:

1) Codification are created in the form of electronic document systems which are used ot codify and store the gathered knowledge and charter for its easy re-use.These strategy is based in re-use economics where we develop knowledge and re-use for abounding processes.

Some of the codification strategies are explained below –
• Systems that can create and by developing knowledge repositories to motivate people and to provide content.
• Develop and use repeatable processes that are supported with knowledge from previously controlled processes.
• Advertise/Commercialize the management of intellectual property such as patents, trademarks, etc.
• The creation of “knowledge capabilities” that can form the infrastructure of competitive strategy.

2) Personalization- This method are mainly focused on creating networks to expedite people-to-people knowledge transfer and sharing. Personalization is established on “expert economics” that channelize particular expertise to others and employing it for further organizations goals.

The strategies used in personalization are-
• Develop directories and networks to connect people.
• Make use groupware and intranets to facilitate communities of practice.
• Socialization
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