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CW3 David Lewis
Knowledge Management Information Paper
WOSC Class 14-005
14 November 2013

Knowledge Management Application in 1-3 Attack Battalion

Within the Army organizations of today knowledge management plays a huge role in the dissemination of information to the unit and it’s soldiers. This is no different for the aviation unit in which I operate. This information can be found in FM 6-01.1, Knowledge Management Operations. It defines knowledge management as the process of enabling knowledge flow to enhance shared understanding, learning, and decision-making. But when the unit was surveyed about their understanding of knowledge management the results were surprising. Out of roughly seventy-two assigned aviators, I surveyed
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If this is not completed by the fifth of the month, their digital reading card tab will turn red on the spreadsheet and will be unable to fly until reviewed. When critical information that can jeopardize the safety of the aircrews needs to be brought to their attention the aviators tab on the spreadsheet will turn red and the aviator will be unable to fly until the information has been reviewed and initialed. This will turn their tab back to green indicating that they have read the information. The quarterly section of the reading card file contains all of information that was previously contained in the monthly reading file along with the safety counsel minutes from the previous meeting. This ensures that any new aviator that joins the unit can go back get up to date on any information that has been put out to all of the aviators. This section can be quite large and time consuming to read. This may take new aviators assigned to the unit to compete the reading but this is a necessary evil. Along with the reading file that aviators have to ensure is up to date prior to their flight there are also other requirements. The unit does not necessarily drive these requirements as much as it is driven by Army aviation as a whole. Prior to each flight all aviators must ensure that there are no hazards that exists in the area in which he/she will be flying. These notices are posted next to the reading file
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